Advanced Technologies

Technology Solutions has knowledge and experience in advanced technologies for electronics, medical, military and space products.

Based on years of experience we offer Consulting and Design services, Engineering Solutions and Technologies support for Printed Circuits Design, Production, Assembly and Failure Analysis, and for Assembly Technologies such as BGA-Ball Grid Array component- CSP- Chip Scale package, COB- Chip On Board and Flip Chip technology as well as special Packaging Technologies such as MCM- Multi Chip Module, Packaging Stacked Technology, Smart Card and other.

Attached list of advanced technologies which are being applied by our company:

  • Wire bonding.
  • Cob– Chip on board.
  • FC – Flip Chip.
  • Hot bar.
  • Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF).
  • Stacked component(Die on Die ).
  • Package on Package (POP).
  • RDL – Redistribution Layer.
  • Thinning of Dies (Back grinding).
  • 3D – MID PCB